Concept and Values

The Able Butcher is a destination for culinary artistry. It is an immersive space where a special barbecue of meat, fish and vegetarian food is combined with the best wines. A place where all guests are treated to an exciting gastronomic experience that will reflect on their minds long after they leave.

The new type of meat restaurant at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel primarily offers a large selection of meat dishes made from the best ingredients. Beef is in the first place, but the menu also includes various steaks, fish and other meat dishes. The meat comes from all over the world – from America, Spain and also from Estonia. The open kitchen offers a spectacle where chefs skillfully prepare meat according to the diner’s wishes. The chef offers a menu that uses the best seasonal products, inspiration from pure flavors and the best quality.

The Able Butcher restaurant follows the values ​​of four brands: Artistry, surprise, respect and openness.

The restaurant adds touch and artistry to every detail – it can be found in the selection of ingredients, curation of wine cards and the brand’s own artistry. The Able Butcher’s wine selection is wide – with a special emphasis on red wines. The wine room at the entrance to the restaurant is a testament to a firm commitment to quality wines. The bar also plays an important role in The Able Butcher Restaurant. The cocktail menu is enriched with flavors from around the world.

The principle of surprise is to constantly delight guests in an unexpected way, to help create and maintain a local and global reputation as The Able Butcher as an unforgettable culinary experience. Guests will be inspired by every aspect of The Able Butcher – theatrical cuisine, unusual cuts of meat, a selection of fish, a variety of vegetarian dishes and an unexpected touch of the brand.

Respect affects every part and process of a restaurant. Seasons and cycles of origin are respected and the environment is taken into account in every decision. The Able Butcher is committed to sustainability and plastic-free operations. The source of the ingredients is local wherever possible. Where the ingredients come from is as important to The Able Butcher as how it is baked. Only the best and most environmentally friendly farms, farms and producers in their field have been selected as cooperation partners. Beef from Estonian Meat House and American Star Ranch is in use. Being open means being inclusive and authentic. The dedicated hosts of The Able Butcher are always on hand to take care of guests. They are proud of their role as experts, ready to take part and share their knowledge – be it about a particular cut, the source of the ingredients or the combination of an alternative wine.

Fabrizio Righetti, the Executive Chef of the Tallinn Hilton restaurant, promises that the meat restaurant The Able Butcher will remain true to its nature and will continue to offer visitors the widest possible selection of the best meat dishes. However, since the chef is from Italy, you can also expect a slight homage to the chef’s homeland from the new menu.

Inspired by home, Righett went to study hospitality and service, but soon realized that he was being drawn to the kitchen. Since it was necessary to take a cooking course in the same technical school and in the same course, the young man stayed there. What follows is an extremely exciting adventure in the kitchens of the world’s capitals and various hotel chains. Having had his first real restaurant experience at home in Italy, the young man moved to the United States, from where he moved on to Arabia and from there to Kiev for seven years. A year later at his southern neighbors in Riga, Righett accepted an offer to come to the Hilton and The Able Butcher to run the kitchen and in-house catering.

“I can say that I am ready to work in Tallinn, because I have a long experience in both Ukraine and Latvia, I understand the mentality and ways of operating in this area. Both of these countries are completely different, also in comparison with Estonia, but I do not come to a completely foreign place without understanding the nature of the region. Many foreign chefs collide in such a way that they cannot adapt to the new circumstances. I have adapted a long time ago and I can’t see where I have come from, but I am already working here with full steam, ”says the chef.
Righetti also says that his cooking philosophy is extremely simple: less is more. The chef does not like to pile too many ingredients, tastes and feelings on one plate or one plate. “The eater wants to have an experience, but also to eat well, and it is important not to overload the person. That’s how I’ve always been used to following the logic of my childhood kitchen, where the food was extremely tasty, well-thought-out, but made from 4-5 high-quality, fresh and ripe ingredients, ”says Righetti.

Updates in the restaurant, but staying true to nature

The chef says that although he is Italian, the restaurant is still true to its DNA, the best meat in the world. “We are still a meat restaurant, a steakhouse and it will not change. We have a lot of different cuts hanging in the closet in the corner of the restaurant, which we want to offer our customers in the best possible way. But at the same time, I’m still Italian, which means that I always bring flavors from home. But let it all come as a surprise when you can taste the new menu, ”says Righetti.