Hilton helps solve environmental problems on several fronts!

Hilton enables carbon-neutral meetings for its customers by investing in high-quality carbon reduction projects. For nearly 15 years, the company has used LightStay, a responsibility management platform, to measure and manage environmental and social impact across the global Hilton portfolio of hotels.

Carbon offsetting can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from travel to meetings and events. Using Hilton’s accountability management system, LightStay, Hilton provides a detailed estimate of the carbon emissions associated with a specific meeting or event.

Using information from the platform, the Meeting Impact Calculator takes property consumption data to produce a bespoke report showing the estimated carbon, energy, water and waste costs of your meeting or event. Based on the event impact report data, Hilton offsets CO2 emissions by obtaining offset credits for the South Pole Group.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the mentioned organization and is in line with the sustainable development goals of the United States and Hilton to reduce the environmental footprint by half and double the social impact by 2030. All Hilton properties must track their corporate responsibility compared to previous years. Learn more about our mission at

Reducing your footprint is a matter of heart at Hilton!

In addition to the described program, all Hilton employees do their part on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of energy, water and waste management. There are various exciting ways to achieve all this.

In cooperation with local gardening companies, we compost all used coffee grounds, for example. Visitors are also encouraged to sort their waste, the appropriate containers are displayed all over the hotel to make this activity as convenient as possible for customers.

Of course, the lighting and air cleaning of buildings equipped with motion sensors have been completely switched to LED lighting, which can save electricity by up to 30 percent. Water consumption has not been neglected either. The example of water meters is constantly monitored and it is determined that the entire technical part is faultless, thus avoiding leaks that can cause water loss both in terms of piping and elementary bathroom faucets.

However, green principles are not only applied in their own buildings, they also reach outside to further increase the positive impact. They go to clean the city’s green areas and the zoo whenever it is World Cleanup Day or any other similar initiative. Hilton Tallinn Park also cooperates with “Day of Dreams” by helping to fulfill the dreams of chronically ill children. Help is also offered to the Food Bank by packing donated food with some team members and helping them reach those in need. Hilton is happy to lend a helping hand wherever it is most needed.