Come try our new menu!

The authors of the new menu are Executive Chef Fabrizio Righetti and Chef de Cuisine Mesut Kavi. Fabrizio Righetti said that menu updates are always inspired by the seasons. He explained that when developing the menu, it is necessary to take into account which raw materials are available this season and which can be ordered in high quality and in the necessary volume throughout the season. “Lately, we have been focusing more and more on local trends and tastes, because the most important thing is that we offer new experiences to our visitors,” said Righetti.

Although the menu also includes classic and well-known flavors – such as duck ravioli and crème brûlée – there are also unique surprises that are specific to this restaurant. According to the Executive Chef, the most exciting component of the new menu is the Japanese wagyu entrekot, which you can’t find in restaurants in Estonia. He also brought out roasted octopus served with chimichurri, mandarin oranges and endive, and black cod fillet with white miso and daikon—combinations unique to The Able Butcher. It is preferred to order raw materials from local producers so that the menu includes the freshest possible domestic foods. Beef and dry aged meat comes from Estonian Meat House.

Sustainability and environmental protection are very important topics for the entire hotel, including the restaurant. In the restaurant’s kitchen, for example, reducing food waste is a topical issue. A special control system was recently installed in the kitchen of The Able Butcher, which monitors the generation of food waste, helps to analyze it and reduce it in the future. For example, the restaurant already cooperates with a local plant farm to recycle coffee residues.